• It is a pleasure to be a reference for Jason. He and I have done two Mozambique safaris together. Jason is a hunter’s hunter! He is as good as I’ve seen in 8 African safaris and numerous guided hunts in North America. Jason is hard working and easy to be with and is conscious of what his hunter can and cannot do - he will set the pace to yours. I know this as we walked 12-20 km per day for 7 days in 33°C heat to get my elephant bull (a 77 pounder) this last fall. I am 62 and in reasonable shape - I live in the Montana Mountains. I don’t know if you’ll be hunting elephant but I can tell you he seems to have a sixth sense where they are concerned that lets him anticipate their actions quite accurately - where they are going, when they will rest, charge or not. Jason is a joy to hunt with and I don’t know a professional hunter that will work harder for you or one with higher ethics. He is serious about having a good hunt for his client and is a lot of fun around camp. He is very knowledgeable about the fauna and flora of Africa and a hunt with him is a real learning experience if you want it to be. In regard to business, Jason is completely honest and trustworthy and I am sure I will book another hunt with him. Jason is an honest, talented professional hunter who takes his responsibilities very seriously. During my 14-day hunt in northern Mozambique, he and his gifted tracker took me up to good examples of all species on my licence. Government documents and food and health considerations were seen to so well that all my worries about Africa came to nothing. Jason was a good communicator and camp companion and his staff kept a tidy camp, keeping most of the old-fashioned safari traditions. I have no reservation in recommending Jason to the hunter who wishes to maximize chances under fair-chase conditions.

    Barry J. Jacobsen Ph.D

    Bozeman, Montana

  • I have known and done regular business with Jason van Aarde for over twenty years and consider them good friends and completely open, honest and ethical in all their personal and business dealings. I consider Jason one of the finest Professional Hunters of his generation and would not hesitate for a moment to hunt with him personally or do business with him anytime.

    Steve Robinson

    Director & Principal Professional Hunter
    Kuduland Safaris (Africa) Ltd

  • I have had the privilege of hunting with Nico five times in Africa and every trip was a great experience. Nico’s knowledge of the game he hunts and his experience with both archery and rifle hunting himself makes him the best choice for those looking for a great hunting experience.

    Fred Eichler

    Host of Easton Bow Hunting TV

  • It has always been a dream of mine to hunt Africa. I booked my 1st hunt with Comre Safaris for plains game. Nico and his staff provided top shelf guiding, quality animals and great accommodations. I was so pleased, I booked a second hunt and darted a White Rhino, took a Cape Buffalo and various plains game with my bow. The Cape Buffalo far exceeded my expectations as it took #10 SCI archery award. Comre Safaris was everything they said it would be and they were instrumental in my success.

    Gus Congemi

    Live The Wild Life TV

  • From Itaga Lodge to the coast of Port Elizabeth to the 5 star Comre Lodge HQ!
    I've been filming TV for 5 years, been a PH for 16 years and I've never had a better hunt anywhere on this planet!
    Chris, Jason, Rudi, Megs, Nico, Jonathan, Albert and Tumo are all awesome!
    Fulfilled my dream hunt of a lifetime!
    Impala, Jackal, Warthog x3, Bushbuck, Nyala, Bushpigx2, Bluewildebeest x2, Sable, Kudu, Waterbuck, Blesbuck etc etc ALL ARCHERY!
    Best hunt, staff, food and trackers than anywhere! 

    Brian "Pigman" Quaca

    Host of "PIGMAN: the Series" and "Boss Hog"

  • Our hunting experience was guaranteed by PH Pallie. His strategy, his determination and efforts. Pallie’s assistant Thomas was unsurprisingly a true woodsman. His skills which must be inborn along with Pallie’s judgement calls can only map success for the client. The teamwork in the skinning shed only eased the day to move forward and wasted no time. Our meals were delicious every time, every day of our stay. The rooms were well kept, laundry excellent. Every want and wish was handled immediately in a professional manner. The team at Comre Safaris is admirable and I am the winner for choosing to come here..

    Bill Atria

    New York, USA

  • I have hunted and stayed in many places throughout the world. Never have I had such a fantastic time as what I just had with Comre Safaris. Rudi has enabled me to collect every animal I had wanted. His expertise as a guide, as well as his staff and all the staff at Comre, all the magnificent reserves we hunted in and stayed in was beyond my expectations. So many wonderful and exceptional people to name as part of Comre Safaris. I will be back next year for a Leopard again joining Rudi. Thank you so much …

    Martin Faley

    New Jersey, USA

  • Comre Safaris is the best! The staff and PH’s were so welcoming. They went out of their way to make our trip a dream. We were able to get the animals we wanted and more!!! They have truly become our “African Family” ... Thanks for the time of our life!!

    Lori Dobbins

  • Comre Safaris has exceeded our expectations for our hunt. Rick took 17 animals and our PH Abrie was a “ hound dog”. He went above and beyond to make our hunt successful. The staff at Itaga and Comre were terrific. The food was excellent and chalets perfect. We take our hats off to you all!! Nancy has been a great connection for the U.S. She keeps everything moving. Chris is a true asset!! We will see you again ...

    Rick and Bonnie Valdez

  • Comre Safaris has been an incredible experience. I have been hunting in South Africa with other outfitters and they are above the rest! The staff are wonderful, friendly and very accommodating. From the business and all the way to our trackers. Our PH Richard was a riot as well as a great host. He was awesome out in the field as well. If you ever consider an African Safari, I would recommend Comre Safaris for sure. They come HIGHLY recommended. The food (thank you SJ) was the best along with Elaine and her hospitality. (Thank you for all the MT dew) ...

    Cherie Mascarello

  • Best hunting ever. Took seven animals and can really appreciate the conservation work that Comre Safaris is doing. The fact that the hunting actually helps the species located in Africa is a great feeling. Roxy is the best. He located and helped us with the shots and the finding of the animals. Albert, tracker, is the best I have ever seen. Cannot wait to bring my son and to share the experience.

    Dan Barrera

  • First time in Africa. Everything was great. What amazed me was how close of a bond I had with everyone at camp, especially with Abrie my PH. I became close with everyone. Amazing country, great food and great rooming. I will never forget my experience at Comre. I want to come back in the future with my son. I got a nice Gemsbok, Impala, Springbok and Blesbok. Some of the Comre crew are coming to Texas in the future. Can’t wait to see them again. Thanks to Chris Liebenberg for having such an awesome place to come to and hunt. Awesome views, awesome animals.
    Also thanks to Tough Country and Martin from African Sun productions.

    Gary Bodungen

  • I don’t know how to put words with this experience. To share this with my son is a dream come true. I wish I knew how to repay my PH, Pallie and my tracker, Thomas, the cooks and maids, I could go on and on. Last but not least Nancy and Tough Country... This trip has been priceless!!

    Dave Thompson

  • We made our first Safari with Comre in 2012 with our wives. Before the first trip was even over Chris Liebenberg, my brother Kurt and myself began planning our second trip (this one).
    This time we ran a contest through our company Tough Country. With the help of our Country Music singer Kevin Fowler, we selected 20 finalists out of thousands to compete for 'The Hunt of a Lifetime'. When all was said and done, our group for the Eastern Cape Hunt, numbered 14, including Kevin Fowler, the winner of the contest Jeremy Pozderac, 2 other finalists, my father, 2 brothers, sister in law and a few other friends. We had the hunt of a lifetime, harvested over 70 animals during the day and listened to great country music at night. Obviously we very impressed on the first trip, but were equally pleased on the second. I cannot say enough about the professionalism of the PH’s and trackers. The hospitality and food provided by the rest of the staff is second to none. We have all made life long friends here at Comre Safaris and plan to have many more adventures with our new African Brothers. From here we are off to the Kalahari to meet our wives and hunt Lions for a few days. Then we head to Limpopo to finish our trip with a little Bow Hunting.

    Brent Pratka

    CEO and Founder of Tough Country

  • I have just spent the best 10 days of hunting in my life. I took a Nyala with a bow at 20 yards and a Cape Buffalo at 26 yards. Then a Zebra with my rifle at 900 yards and today a big Blue Wildebeest at 400 yards. I had the best PH you could have, Abrie. The food could not be better. Everyone here took care of us every way they could. I will always remember this trip.

    Mark Pratka

    Former President of Mark's Machine Co.Inc

  • This was the best trip I have ever been on. I have never seen this level of talent displayed by every single person at every job position at a single establishment. Every employee at Comre, from the skinners to the PH’s is a master of their craft. Roxy and Albert are the best hunting team I could ever ask for. Martin is the best camera man on the face of the planet. The food and accommodations were all amazing. I can’t wait to bring my wife and our two beautiful boys back in the very near future.

    Dudley Lehrer

  • I came into this trip not knowing what to expect. I am leaving this trip blown away by an experience that I know I’ll never be able to duplicate the rest of my life. Vacations will never be the same. I cannot thank the entire Comre crew enough for exceeding my highest expectations to give us the trip of a lifetime. We were so blessed to get our PH, Pallie and tracker,Thomas, who went so far above and beyond to give each of us an incredibly memorable hunting experience. I will be grateful to Pallie for the rest of my life for the memories he made for me; stalking, hiking and climbing for miles to get my Gemsbok when he easily could have given up.
    PS..Itaga is beautiful and their staff are TOP NOTCH. Thank you for going our of your way to accommodate my dietary needs and to give us a luxury vacation that I would never forget. We will miss you guys!!

    Jessica Rumbaugh

  • This was our first family trip to Africa. It was planned as a once in a lifetime trip but now we are already planning our return. Seldom do actual experiences wildly exceed your imaginations. Our PH Pallie and tracker Thomas couldn’t have been better. They both tried their dead level best and then succeeded. Not only did we get all the animals on our lists, the animals were of exceptional trophy status. The Lodge, lodge manager and staff were superb, as was the food.

    Farryl Holub

  • We loved our time at Comre Safaris, you all are family now!  We made some wonderful episodes for "Mathews TV".

    Dave Watson and Family

    Host of "Mathews TV with Dave Watson"

  • This was my first trip to South Africa on a Safari and the accommodation, food and personal attention was superb. I did not know what to expect but what I experienced is hard to express in a few lost words. The staff was wonderful and the hunting was beyond anything I have ever experienced. I would recommend this experience to anyone especially if you have never been on a Safari before. This is 5 star all the way.

    Richard Ledebuhr

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