Namibia is one of Africa’s top hunting and wildlife sightseeing countries. Its enormous size, one of the lowest populations in the world with resultant incredibly low population density and abundant wildlife, qualify it as an outstanding hunting and safari paradise. The Namibian government is pro-hunting and view sustainable use of their environment as a tool to grow their national economy, provide jobs, food and create revenue and visiting hunters therefore welcome.

From the harsh, flat open rock terrain in the south with its Springbuck and Gemsbok herds, to the vast Namib desert and enormous sand dunes on the eastern seaboard, to its rocky inselbergs in the north with greater Kudu, Klipspringer and Baboons next to the Kunene and Okavango rivers with Hippos and Crocs to the brush and Mopani forests of the Caprivi strip with Elephant, Buffalo, Lion and Leopard, Namibia offer the true outdoorsman unparalleled possibilities and opportunities.

Namibia produces very limited, but extremely heavy Elephant ivory from time to time. In addition to Elephant, four other species need to be specifically mentioned regarding hunting. Firstly, it is the only country in the world today where limited and regulated Cheetah hunting still is available, although USA hunters are not allowed to import their Cheetah trophy under present CITES rules and regulations into the US. Secondly, as is the case in South Africa, very limited and regulated hunting of specific Black rhino bulls are sometimes allowed. Leopard hunting also are good as the country offers one of the biggest CITES quotas for this cat on the African continent. Last, but not least, is the diminutive Damaraland dik-dik, one of the “pygmy antelope” which is endemic to the north-western areas of the country and a fitting trophy for serious trophy hunters who wants that extra special specie to round off an African specie collection.

We mainly offer hunts in the 1000 000 acre Damara Land Concession were Leopard is abundant and where the spectacular Desert Lion, Black Rhino and Elephant are found with some limited quota available for trophy hunting.

Then there is the Caprivi and greater Bushman land hunting areas for good Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard, Hippo, Crocodile and Lion.